Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ki, Chi, Prana, or Orgone Life-energy

Life-energy, also known as Ki, Chi, Prana, or Orgone is, many believe, the basic building block of life as we know it. Have enough of it pulsing in and around your body and you will almost certainly be healthy and vital. Have too little or too unbalanced life-energy and you will more than likely be unwell or depressed.
Thanks to some pioneering work over the last century or so, we are now starting on the path of being able to manipulate this energy for our own benefit. This has given rise to simple energy devices that effectively direct and balance this energy to heal anything from a sick person to a sick building, with startling results - like this:
"Before using the p.e.bal I had difficulty sleeping and after having had it a couple of nights found I was able to sleep for up to 7 hours. However I showed the p.e.bal to a relative who was very keen on trying it out. Hence I handed mine to her and she has found it is helping her in all sorts of ways - more harmony at home and at work. Hence I need to get another one for myself."
I was feeling like an energy-less zombie, unable to move. I was scattered with no motivation to work. Within 20 minutes of wearing the Nu-Me Pendant I felt energized, strong and centred and ready to run a marathon. so I went for a run and noticed my breathing was easier, my muscles functioning more effectively. Energy that felt like it was cramping me simply fell away. I sleep for a full six hours now having suffered from chronic insomnia. Now I wake up completely refreshed. I feel like a New Me has emerged! Nicola Grace, Auckland.

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