Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Life Force Energy: Journey to explore the life force energy

We have established that there is life force energy - Yin/Yang - represented in the physical world by electromagnetic field energy and at the quantum level by electron spin characteristics. You will stop "belief" and "know" when you test it. How to test? Let me name the ways.

First, what is this energy? Can I touch it? Yes. Can I see it? Yes. Can I move it, receive it, give, build, select, start fires, store, refrigerate, etc., it? Yes, yes, yes.

In its gross form, your body is a chemical factory made up of a symbiotic colony of molecules with the potential and task of replication. That's it guys! At that level, your total purpose is reproduction.

The earliest life forms on this planet found to date are bacteria about three billion years old. Yes, that's a "B" for billion. These were not oxygen-using life forms. Such life had to await the "terra-forming" effects of blue-green algae on the atmosphere.

By the time of 500 million years ago, our planet had been oxygenated, and then a funny thing happened on the way to the Cambrian era; the life forms became SELF-AWARE! It's easy to guess how this may have occurred, so go ahead and guess. Whatever your guess is, it will surely be right, since everything that could happen, did.

Another odd but unavoidable thing about these molecules so intent on duplication involves the basic tenets of physics. Because they are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons, the self-replicating molecular colonies had and have electrical energy, emit electromagnetic discharges, and thereby interact in their small way with the universe.

Now, this small way is small only in comparison to the universe. The energetic little molecular, self-replicating, ever-expanding, ever-diversifying colonies found they were capable of anything. They figured out how to store information, "see" the electromagnetic spectrum, magnetic fields, heat, atomic fission, and so on, to include the total spectrum of events. They even learned how to "see" or "hear" the life energy emitted by other colonies.

Complexity built on complexity until... here the world is now. We look back on a mad rush of increasingly complex life forms racing, widening, and diverging to the seemingly frozen present and its crowning glory ...MAN! Believe it or not, we're still on that mad rush of change. Hang around a few hundred thousand years and you'll see.

Did you lose track of when we picked up Yin/Yang energy? Me too - well, almost. What happened was we didn't gain it, it's always been there. It's there in the life cycle of the universe, the birth and death of suns, the tiniest quark, meson, gnat, brat, or most inert rock. It gives the electron its individuality with left or right spin, it's the unified field theory searched for by Albert and so many others, it's the glue that holds protons intact, it's how come waves can cross a vacuum, it's you and me. For our purposes, it is infinitely available. Whatever your theory of creation may be, facts are statistics, are mutable, shift, waver, fade, change, etc. No matter what else we think, we cannot avoid the physical constants that glue the cosmos together both physically and metaphysically.

We as humans are not very specialized. We don't do much of anything well. We don't detect magnetic currents worth mentioning, can't see heat so we get our fingers singed often, can't detect radio waves without a bad dentist, can't notice the life energy emissions of others well or at all. We don't even smell keenly, but we sure can make tools.

At least we think we can. Our tools are the merest and grossest approximation of the superior job those little inventors, the self-replicating molecular colonies, can do. We can't even begin to think of a way to make a tool that will tell us how cockroaches know an earthquake is imminent. We're only beginning to discover the capabilities and awareness of other life forms.

We do, however, have something none others have. We are the ultimate (to date) generalists. We can do a little of everything. Humans are so varied and mutable we can train ourselves to anything. What would you like to learn? Whatever your aim, it's possible.

With training you can see the aura all life forms have. You can learn to detect magnetic fluxes, to see heat, to touch Ch'I, to feel the flow of Yin/Yang energy. You can even learn about yourself in your relationship to the cosmos. Do you dare?

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